Law School Contact Information

General Address and Contact Information:
The University of Wisconsin Law School
975 Bascom Mall
Madison, WI 53706
Phone: 608-262-2240
Fax: 608-262-5485

Karen Koethe
Director of Communications

Press Contacts for Law School News:
Jini Jasti
Associate Dean for Alumni Relations & External Affairs

Tammy Kempfert

Directions to the Law School, Parking, and Campus Map

Department Phone E-mail Room Number
Academic Enhancement Room 6210, UW, 975 Bascom Mall Staff List
Admissions and Financial 4314 Staff List
Affiliated Faculty Staff List
Alumni Relations608-262-5918 975 Bascom Mall, Madison, WI 53706 Staff List
Business Office (Payroll/HR)608-262-3138 975 Bascom Mall, Madison, WI 53706 Staff List
Center for Patient Partnerships (CPP) 975 Bascom Mall Rm: 4311, Madison, WI 53706 Staff List
Continuing Legal Education and Outreach (CLEW) 975 Bascom Mall Rm: 2348, Madison, WI 53706 Staff List
Copy Shop/ Duplication608-262-0668 975 Bascom Mall Rm: 2246, Madison, WI 53706 Staff List
Dean's 975 Bascom Mall, Madison, WI 53706 Staff List
Deans & Directors608-262-0618 Staff List 975 Bascom Mall Rm: 6226, Madison, WI 53706 Staff List
Economic Justice Institute (EJI) 975 Bascom Mall Rm: 1348, Madison, WI 53706 Staff List
Emeritus Faculty Staff List
External Affairs Staff List
Faculty Staff List
Fellows and Visiting Scholars608-262-8500 975 Bascom Mall Rm: 6210, Madison, WI 53706 Staff List
Financial 4314A Staff List
Frank J. Remington Center 608-262-1002 975 Bascom Mall Rm: 4318, Madison, WI 53706 Staff List
Global Legal Studies Center (GLS)608-890-1395 975 Bascom Mall Rm: 6218, Madison, WI 53706 Staff List
Graduate 975 Bascom Mall Rm: 3222, Madison, WI 53706 Staff List
Great Lakes Indian Law Center (GLILC) 975 Bascom Mall Rm: 6112, Madison, WI 53706 Staff List 975 Bascom Mall, Rm. 5110 Staff List
Institute for Legal Studies (ILS) 975 Bascom Mall Rm: 6228, Madison, WI 53706 Staff List
Law and Entrepreneurship Clinic Wisconsin Institute for Discovery Staff List
Law Library608-262-1128 975 Bascom Mall, Madison, WI 53706 Staff List
Lawyering Skills 975 Bascom Mall Rm: 5226, Madison, WI 53706 Staff List
Legal Research & Writing (LRW)608-263-6327 975 Bascom Mall Rm: 4373, Madison, WI 53706 Staff List
Main Administrative Office608-262-2240 975 Bascom Mall Rm: 5110, Madison, WI 53706 Staff List
Notaries Staff List
Office of Career and Professional Development608-262-7856 975 Bascom Mall Rm: 3221, Madison, WI 53706 Staff List 975 Bascom Mall, Room 5107, Madison, WI 53706 Staff List
Research Centers Staff List
Student Organizations
Student, Academic & Curricular Affairs608-262-8564 5106 Staff List
Tech 975 Bascom Mall Rm: 2270, Madison, WI 53706 Staff List
Tenure Track Professor Staff List
Tenured Professors Staff List
Lisa Alexander 608-890-1234
Associate Professor of Law
Ann Althouse 608-262-2444 7109
Robert W. & Irma Arthur-Bascom Professor of Law
Steven M. Barkan 608-262-1151 6358
Voss-Bascom Professor of Law; Director, Law Library
Tonya Brito 608-265-6475 5211B
Burrus-Bascom Professor of Law; Associate Dean for Research & Faculty Development
Peter Carstensen 608-263-7416 7101
Professor of Law Emeritus
R. Alta Charo 608-262-5015; 6109
Warren P. Knowles Professor of Law and Bioethics
Larry Church 608-262-1695 7105
Sherwood R. Volkman-Bascom Professor of Law
Carin Clauss 9113
Professor of Law Emerita
William Clune 608-262-2243 8113A
Professor of Law Emeritus
Kenneth Davis 608-262-0962 9107
Fred W. & Vi Miller Dean Emeritus and Professor of Law Emeritus
Anuj Desai 608-263-7605 8102
Professor of Law
Walter Dickey 8107
Professor of Law Emeritus
Howard Erlanger 608-263-7405 9109
Professor of Law Emeritus
Shubha Ghosh 608-262-1679 6111
Vilas Research Fellow; George Young Bascom Professor in Business Law
Linda Greene 262-6351 / 332-1840 9105
Evjue-Bascom Professor of Law
Kathryn Hendley 608-263-5135 9101
William Voss-Bascom Professor of Law
Alexandra Huneeus 608-265-1149 8111
Associate Professor of Law
Charles Irish 608-263-7406 6101
Professor of Law Emeritus
Leonard Kaplan 608-271-1698
Professor of Law Emeritus
Heinz Klug 608-262-7370 8109
Evjue-Bascom Professor of Law; Director, Global Legal Studies Center
Neil Komesar
Professor of Law Emeritus
Stewart Macaulay 608-262-2442 6107
Professor of Law Emeritus
Elizabeth Mertz 608-263-7419; 6108
John and Rylla Bosshard Professor of Law
Thomas Mitchell 608-890-1237
Professor of Law
Richard Monette 608-263-7409 7103
Professor of Law; Director, Great Lakes Indigenous Law Center
John K.M. Ohnesorge 263-7603 / 263-7603 9112
Professor of Law
Pilar Ossorio 608-263-4387 9103
Professor of Law and Bioethics
Asifa Quraishi-Landes 608-263-7604
Associate Professor of Law
Joel Rogers 608-262-4266 7144B Sewell Social Sciences
Professor of Law, Political Science, Public Affairs and Sociology
David Schultz 608-262-6881 6105
Professor of Law Emeritus
David S. Schwartz 608-262-8150 9108
Foley & Lardner Bascom Professor of Law
Mitra Sharafi 608-265-8428 6112
Associate Professor of Law
Brad Snyder 608-262-1015 8105
Associate Professor of Law
Susannah Camic Tahk 608-890-3750 8106 School
Associate Professor of Law
Stephanie Tai 608-890-1236 8104
Associate Professor of Law
Gerald Thain 608-262-3446 9113
Professor of Law Emeritus
Cliff Thompson 608-262-5055
Dean Emeritus and Professor of Law Emeritus
David Trubek
Professor of Law Emeritus
Frank Tuerkheimer 608-262-3093 9113A
Professor of Law Emeritus
William Whitford 608-262-2443 8101
Professor of Law Emeritus
Jason Yackee 608-262-5230 7106
Associate Professor of Law
Website Communications Staff List
Wisconsin Innocence Project608-262-1002 975 Bascom Mall, Room 4318, Madison, WI 53706