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Course Schedule - Summer 2016 3-Week Session (ACC)

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The Law School's Department Code is 528.

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Course Number Section Number Course Title Call Number Instructor Days Times Location Min-Max Credits 60/90 Rule 64 Rule Years Notes
854001Clinical Program: WI DOJ Externship88824Gendreau, C.
Paulson, R.
854002Clinical Program: Neighborhood Law Clinic (NLC)85377Mitch, .1-3*L2-L3consent/instr.
854003Clinical Program: Family Court Clinic (FCC)85402Mansfield, M.1-3*L2-L3consent/instr.
854004Clinical Program: Consumer Law85443Orr, S.1-3*L2-L3consent/instr.
854005Clinical Program: Immigrant Justice Clinic85460Harville, B.1-3*L2-L3consent/instr.
854006Clinical Program: Law Externship85475Heymann, J.1-3*L2-L3consent/instr.
854007Clinical Program: Law & Entrepreneurship86560Smith, A.1-3*L2-L3consent/instr.
940001Consumer Health Advocacy Overview86598Johnson, S.3-360L2-L3consent/instr.
945001Law & Correctional Institutions85356Prosser, M.3-360L2-L3LAIP students only; consent/instr.
990000Directed Research1-390L2-L3go to Rm. 5110A to fill out form
991000Directed Reading1-390L2-L3go to Rm. 5110A to fill out form