Summer Clerkship Opportunity

The Lawyering Skills Program sponsors a summer clerkship opportunity, placing up to five UW law students in summer clerkship positions with selected law firms in small-to-mid-sized Wisconsin communities.

Components of this placement are:

    * Financial support.  Each student will earn $15/hour, payable by the selected law firm, and will receive an additional grant to defray summer living expenses.    

    * Training for success.  Students selected for placement are required to take the Lawyering Skills Course during the Spring semester (we have promised this to our employers). This course provides the practical training and resources that will benefit the students not only during the summer placements but also in their chosen careers. 

    * Selective experiences. The participating law firms are carefully selected using criteria of excellence in work environment and supervision with an overall goal of providing the best possible learning experience for the students.

    * Faculty oversight.  The day-to-day mentoring and supervision will be provided by the selected law firms. Professor Gretchen Viney of the Lawyering Skills Program will oversee the program, place students, consult with the selected law firms and train the students.


APPLICATION & ELIGIBILITY: This placement is open to all 2L's. Students selected for placement must complete the 7-credit Lawyering Skills Course in the Spring.  Reasonable efforts will be made to match placements with student practice area interests.

We receive a substantial number of applications for the available positions. Please apply for this program only if you are serious about clerking in a small or mid-sized Wisconsin community. We do not place students in the Madison or Milwaukee metropolitan areas.


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