Become a Member of Mock Trial

Mock Trial is a competitive trial advocacy program.  Team members are chosen after a competitive tryout and they are trained in the art of trial level litigation in a three-credit course. Outstanding team members have the opportunity to try a case against mock trial teams from other law schools in competitions across the nation. The cases encompass a range of topics in both civil and criminal areas. The teams are coached by select, experienced local attorneys and judges.

Tryouts for Mock Trial take place early in the spring semester of a student’s first year of law school. The tryout process requires students to present a five- to ten-minute closing argument in front of a panel of judges. The closing argument is based on a case file, which includes a case summary, statements of prosecution and defense witnesses, and other relevant documents. Students may prepare a closing argument for either the prosecution or the defense. Students who are trying out will have the opportunity to practice in front of current Mock Trial members.  

The judges evaluating closing arguments will consider a number of factors, including substance, organization, and overall presentation. Invitations to join the Mock Trial team will be offered one to two weeks after the tryout process concludes.

If you have any questions regarding tryouts, please contact Mock Trial Vice Presidents of Membership, Rose Fisher ( and Alex Abernethy (

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