Become a Member of Moot Court

Admission as a First-Year Student

First-year students are selected for the Moot Court Board at the end of the spring semester through a competitive tryout that simulates a Moot Court competition. Generally, the tryout consists of an appellate brief and oral argument. The Moot Court Board invites 35 first-year students to join Moot Court, making this our largest membership drive.

Admission as a Second-Year Student

A limited number of invitations to join the Moot Court Board are available to second-year students, who can join through the Omar Megahed Competition in the fall semester or through the Heffernan Appellate Advocacy Course in the spring semester. 

  • Omar Megahed Competition. Each fall, second-year students can compete in an intramural appellate advocacy competition in which competitors prepare arguments from a pre-written brief. This is not a course and there is no academic credit. Depending on the number of competitors, between two and four finalists are invited to join the Moot Court Board.
  • Heffernan Appellate Advocacy Course. In the spring, second-year students may enroll in a one-semester seminar devoted to appellate advocacy. This seminar is named in honor of former Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Nathan Heffernan. Students write a brief and compete in a mock appellate advocacy competition. The finalists are invited to join the Moot Court Board for competition.

In addition, several student organizations provide moot court opportunities outside of the law school’s official Moot Court Board. For example, students interested in a similar program that focuses on the trial court experience, should check out the Mock Trial Program.

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