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Perspectives on Law-in-Action

Kenneth V. Davis, Jr

Professor Kenneth V. Davis, Jr.
"Law in Action" reminds us that no matter how interesting or elegant the theory or idea, we always need to ask, "Why should this matter to people in the real world?"

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Lisa Alexander

Professor Lisa Alexander
"The Law School has embraced my Community Economic Development Law “service learning course” because it helps students learn the “law in action.”  Students study various theories of community development law and policy in the class, but they also test those theories by visiting live CED projects and working with organizations confronting particular problems. ”
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Professor Cecelia Klingele

Professor Cecelia Klingele
"By emphasizing the way law works in the world, law in action encourages students to analyze in a “big picture” way."

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Heinz Klug

Professor Heinz Klug
“This need to look beyond the published opinions of courts or the formal laws and rules adopted by governments has meant that I have remained closely engaged in the issues.”

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Michele LaVigne

Professor Michele LaVigne
"Law matters because of the effect it has on the individuals it touches. Every one of those people has a story and that's where the excitement and the truth can be found."

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Stewart Macaulay

Professor Stewart Macaulay
"Sometimes the law on the books matters a great deal; often it doesn't."

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