Adjunct of the Year

The University of Wisconsin Law School’s adjunct faculty are highly successful practicing lawyers and judges who bring their specialized knowledge and experience to the classroom, bridging the theoretical and the practical aspects of legal training, and making the law come to life for students.

The Law School recognizes the important role of the adjunct faculty and encourages excellence in classroom teaching through the Wisconsin Law Alumni Association’s Warren H. Stolper “Adjunct of the Year” Award. The award is named in honor of Attorney Warren H. Stolper, who taught at the Law School for 40 years as an adjunct professor.

This award, which has been given each fall since 2002, makes a significant statement about the value and importance that the University of Wisconsin Law School and the Wisconsin Law Alumni Association place on classroom teaching.

The recipients of the award are selected by a Law School committee.

Winners of the Adjunct of the Year Award

2016 Nick Schweitzer
2015 Teresa Meuer
2014 Jesse Ishikawa
2013 Grady Frenchick
2012 S. Richard Heymann
2011 The Honorable JoAnne Kloppenburg
2010 Lester A. Pines
2009 The Honorable Robert D. Martin
2008 Thomas Dawson and Paul Kent
2007 Lawrence Bugge
2006 Brady Williamson
2005 Cheryl Rosen Weston
2004 Stephen P. Hurley
2003 Robert A. Schnur
2002 Warren H. Stolper

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