The Gargoyle

Volume 33, Issue 1 (Summer 2007)

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A Dean's View

Student Life


Constitutional Law in Action

Professors Richard Monette, Heinz Klug, and Brady Williamson have used their expertise in constitutional law in a very concrete way: helping nations to create their own constitutions.

Clinical Legal Education: It's For All Kinds of Lawyers

Contrary to the misconception that clinical legal education always involves criminal law, the Law School's 13 clinics help students develop professionalism and skills for all fields of law.

How I Got Here

Professor Marygold Melli decided in eighth grade that she wanted to be a lawyer. She met - and surmounted - challenges all along the way from a legal profession that wasn't ready to admit women.

A Plan Called LRAP

Careers in public interest law can seem out of reach for graduates carrying the burden of debt that grew as they paid for their education. The Law School is building a Loan Repayment Assistance Program to help out.

Alumni Activities

Class Notes

In Memoriam

Photo Finish

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