Accepting a Clerkship

What Should I Do If I Accept a Clerkship?

Please let Melissa Burkland ( know as soon as you obtain a clerkship. Prompt reporting of clerkship results is very beneficial to us, for general information-gathering, and is also very beneficial to your classmates, who may be wondering whether a particular judge has made his/her selections yet.

You should write a letter to your judge to accept a clerkship formally – even after accepting orally – and thank him/her for the offer. The letter can be short and to the point, telling the judge how much you look forward to working with him/her in the upcoming year. You should send thanks also to the judge's clerks (if you met with them), either separately or within your note to the judge.

Once you accept an offer from a judge, make sure to write to all the judges with whom you have an application outstanding and immediately withdraw yourself from consideration. If you have interviewed with a judge, but have not heard the judge's decision before you accept another offer, call that judge immediately to let him/her know you have accepted another clerkship.

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