Advice on Bidding for Fall OCI

Here are some things to keep in mind when you think about the employers with which you would like to obtain interviews:

1) Like it or not, many of the employers who receive the résumés of students who have bid to interview with them will make their pre-selections based almost entirely on GPA and class standing. Therefore, if your class standing is Top 10% or higher, you are likely to be pre-selected by most, if not all, of the firms you bid. If you are one of these fortunate persons, please bid judiciously. If you are not seriously interested in working for a firm, and/or if you do not intend to schedule yourself for, and actually attend, 16 interviews during Phase One, then do not bid on the maximum 16 employers.

2) Because a large number of our students want either to stay in the upper Midwest or to go to New York, D.C., or California, employers with sizable offices in Chicago, Milwaukee, Madison, Minneapolis, New York, D.C. and Los Angeles tend to be the ones bid on by most students. To maximize your chances of getting interviews, consider bidding on some of the excellent firms from smaller cities who are coming here this fall.

3) DO NOT bid to interview with patent law firms unless you meet the employer's qualifications (i.e., have an undergraduate or graduate degree in science or engineering). If you bid on a patent law firm with requirements you do not meet, you are potentially wasting one of your bids.

4) What if you don't meet the employer's stated hiring criteria? Some employers list the criteria for their "dream" candidates, knowing that they may deviate from those criteria; but others stick strictly to the criteria they provide us. If you are anywhere close to the grade cutoff (i.e., in the top 30% and they want top 25%), go ahead and enter a bid, especially if you have other credentials that that employer will find impressive. If, however, the employer requires top 20% and you are in the fourth quartile, it is unlikely that you will be selected for an interview.

5)  We do not screen your résumé just because it is uploaded on Symplicity. If you enter a bid and have uploaded your résumé, your résumé will be forwarded to the employer.  Therefore, it is a good idea to send your résumé to an OCPD counselor BEFORE bidding for an interview.

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