Clerkship Interviews

How Does the Clerkship Interview Process Work?

The interview is of the utmost importance in the clerkship selection process. It is your opportunity to convey to the judge that you have the intelligence, competence, and maturity a clerkship demands. In addition, the interview gives the judge the opportunity to gauge your personality – to see if you "fit" within the atmosphere of chambers – and your commitment to clerking. Keep in mind that the position for which you are interviewing requires strong analytical, research, writing, and communication skills. Other qualities under consideration are your personality, sense of humor, interests, ability to work independently and as part of a team, time management and organizational skills, and ability to make well-reasoned decisions.

A clerkship interview generally takes place in the judge's chambers, for twenty minutes to an hour or more. You will speak with the judge and, usually separately, with the judge's current clerks. The discussions with the clerks and other office staff may appear to be informal, but they are often a critical component of the evaluation process.



Preparation and Sample Interview Questions

Conduct of the Interview

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