Introduction to On-Campus Interviewing

On-Campus Interview Program -- Fall 2017

Each year, the Law School sponsors a Fall on-campus recruitment program for second- and third-year law students, often referred to as OCI. 

During Fall OCI, many employers are focused on interviewing second-year law students for summer  positions because the employers use their summer classes as a way to determine whether summer clerks will be offered full-time positions. However, the program is not only for 2L students.  Some employers interview only 3Ls for permanent jobs. Occasionally, employers look for both summer clerks and full-time positions, so they allocate their interview slots to both 2Ls and 3Ls.

This year, Fall OCI will begin on August 16, 2017.

Resume Collects

Every fall, a number of employers participate in "Resume Collects." Please do not discount these opportunities simply because they are not OCI opportunities! The employers have specifically requested to receive applications from our students! You will submit your applications by selecting the relevant session in the OCI section of Symplicity.  Be sure to thoroughly look at every resume collect opportunity! 

Wisconsin Public Interest Interview Program -- February 2018

The University of Wisconsin Law School and Marquette University Law School jointly host the Wisconsin Public Interest Interview Program (PIIP).  PIIP is a great opportunity for students to interview with multiple public interest and government employers for either paid or unpaid summer internships or permanent positions after graduation.

The list of participating employers will be released on Wednesday, January 10. Students must submit application materials by Monday, January 29 by 11:00PM. Interviews will be held in Madison on Saturday, February 10, and in Milwaukee at Marquette on Saturday, February 17. 

On-Campus Interview Program -- Spring 2018

Fall On-Campus Interviews are not the only opportunity students have to interview on campus for Summer and full-time positions.  The Office of Career and Professional Development will also coordinate a Spring OCI season, which will feature employers from the private, public interest, and government arenas.  This year, Spring OCI bidding will begin on January 9, with interviews occurring between February 6 through February 16. More detailed deadlines for those OCI programs will be updated during Winter Break 2017, and we will send frequent emails to alert students about employers and resume submission deadlines. Please see the below PDF for a more detailed list of important dates. 

Clinical Interview Program - 2017

Recruitment for summer Clinical positions at UW Law School is run through the OCPD Symplicity system. Eleven clinics, including the Center for Patient Partnerships, Consumer Law Clinic, Family Court Clinic, Family Law Project, Immigrant Justice Clinic, Law and Entrepreneurship Clinic, Legal Assistance to Institutionalized Persons, Neighborhood Law Clinic, Oxford Federal Project, Restorative Justice Project, and Wisconsin Innocence Project recruit first and second year students. 

This year’s application deadline will soon be determined. Clinics will invite students for interviews starting on December 4 with possible interviews running through late January. The Clinics will extend offers for positions on January 26. After an offer is made, you have until March 2 to accept an offer and commit to a clinic or decline it. See “Important Details of the Clinical Recruiting Process” for more details.  


Important Details of the Process

Advice on Bidding

Calendar of Important Dates for Fall OCI 2017

Rules for Students Participating in Fall OCI 

List of Employers that Participated in 2016/2017 On-Campus Recruiting

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