Miscellaneous Clerkships

Staff Attorney Positions

Law clerks who serve many judges, or an entire court, are commonly referred to as "staff attorneys," "staff counsel," or "pro se law clerks." These positions can be found both in federal and state appellate and trial courts. The duties and responsibilities of a staff attorney vary by court, but may include reviewing motions, appeals and correspondence (particularly where at least one party is appearing without counsel), preparing memoranda, and assisting in case management and settlement. The length of service for these positions varies by court.

Administrative Law Judges (ALJs)

ALJs are independent, impartial finders of fact in formal administrative hearings. Over 30 U.S. government departments and agencies employ ALJs. Some ALJs hire recent law school graduates as law clerks. These positions may be for a fixed term or an indefinite period.

Tribal Courts

Some states have tribal courts that hire law clerks, although funding for such positions tends to be quite limited. Postings can often be found in the newspaper Indian Country Today. In addition, the National American Indian Court Judges Association may list postings on its website, www.naicja.org.

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