Overview of the Process

We use Symplicity to implement on-campus interviews.  You will need a username and password. Your username is your wisc.edu email address.  If you do not know your password, please click on the "Forgot My Password" tab on the Symplicity home page, and (assuming the email address you enter is the same as the one you have in your student profile on Symplicity), you'll receive an email message resetting your password. If that does not work, send an email message career@law.wisc.edu.

Remember, University of Wisconsin Law School's Symplicity is different from the Symplicity sites used in Off-Campus programs, and the username and password you use for those programs (in New York, Washington DC, San Francisco, etc.) may be different.

We divide Fall OCI into "phases." Phase One of OCI begins before fall semester classes begin.  Phase One employers will be interviewing August 12 through August 21, 2015. Phase Two employers will be interviewing September 8 through September 12. Phase Three employers who will be interviewing September 14 through September 30. Continue to read your emails from OCPD as we will add additional employers after the phases end.

For Fall OCI, check Symplicity throughout the Summer! We will be adding new OCI participants often.

If you would like to apply to any of the employers who are participating in Fall OCI, you must do two things:

1) you must upload your resume and any other materials the employer requires into the Documents Section of Symplicity; and

2) enter a "bid" for that employer, through the Symplicity system, by the "bidding deadline" for that employer (more on that below).

Bidding deadlines are as follows:

Bid Period
Interview Dates
One July 5 - July 27 August 12 - 21
Two July 5 - Aug. 24 September 8 - 12
Three July 5 -  Aug. 31
September 14 - 30

Once bidding closes (at 10:59 PM on the deadline), OCPD compiles all students' application materials and submits them to that phase's employers. The employers then have a few days to review the resumes and select the students they would most like to interview, as well as the option to select alternates.

When OCPD receives interviewee selections from the employers, those selections are entered into Symplicity, and then students who have received interview invitations are notified by email to log on to Symplicity and select an interview slot.

Students selected for interviews by one or more employers on a single day are responsible for creating an interview schedule that leaves time between interviews and contains no conflicts.

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