768 Consumer Health Advocacy & Patient Centered Care Clinical - §001, Fall 2011

Categories: Consumer Law Health Law

Instructor(s) Gaines, Martha (Meg), Davis, Sarah, Mednick, Aphra

The Center for Patient Partnerships trains students in health care patient advocacy in the clinical course 768-001. Students work in an interdisciplinary environment, providing patient advocacy to individuals living with a serious and life threatening illness.

Students help clients and families negotiate insurance disputes, apply for financial assistance/charity care, tap existing and new support networks, find new or experimental treatments, learn to participate in their care team, protect employment rights, secure private and public disability benefits, and access appropriate medical care. Students learn about law related to insurance, public benefits, rights and responsibilities, Social Security, employment law re: illness/disabilities, power of attorney for health care and estate planning.

Students practice skills for effective patient-centered advocacy, including how to empathize, listen actively, respect confidentiality, communicate effectively with clients, uphold professional ethics, interview clients effectively, and manage complex cases.

For more information about the Center for Patient Partnerships visit our website, www.patientpartnerships.org. Students must submit an application and have instructor permission to enroll in course 768-001.

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