771 Sel. Topics Estate Planning: Estate Planning and Administration - §002, Fall 2009

Categories: Estate Planning/Elder Law

Instructor(s) Allex, Johanna, Christenson, Iris

Law 771 - Selected Topics in Estate Planning:
Issues in Estate Planning and Administration

Iris Christenson and Johanna Allex Thurs. 8:50 - 10:50

This course looks at practical problems in the implementation of estate
plans to aid in the drafting and administration of those documents. It focuses
on issues that arise in disposition of tangible personal property, disposition
of real estate, interpretation of wills and trusts, management of trust assets,
selection of a personal representative and trustee, powers of the personal
representative and trustee, and determination of whom the lawyer represents
(i.e., the entity, the fiduciary, or the beneficiaries).  No P/F. This
course will be taught at an intermediate level and will use real life
situations to assist with learning the underlying law.


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