843 Unfair Trade Practices - §001, Fall 2010

Categories: Economic Regulation Business, Corporate, Commercial Law

Instructor(s) Thain, Gerald

This course provides an overview of those laws that seek to prevent competitive practices that are unfair because they tend to subvert competition on the merits. Antitrust is not covered because it is the topic of a separate law school course. Intellectual property issues are mostly outside the scope of this course but there is some consideration of the basic law of trademarks in the context of unfair trade practices. This course treats unfair competition, misappropriation, disparagement, trade secrets, deceptive and unfair advertising and state consumer protection statutes. Private and public actions, including Federal Trade Commission regulation, are covered. The course should be of interest to those in practices representing business or working with public agencies representing consumer interests. Students interested in intellectual property are also highly encouraged to take this course, as it covers material which intersects, but does not duplicate, that of other intellectual property courses.

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