940 Transnational Regulation: Safety of Globally Sourced Products - §001, Fall 2008


Instructor(s) Trubek, David

Transnational Regulation: Increasing the Safety of Globally Sourced Products

3 Credits
12:05-2:05 Thursdays

Instructors: David M.
Trubek with Stephanie Tai and Peter Carstensen


This seminar will explore ways to increase the safety of
products produced through global supply chains and imported into the

The issue of import safety emerged in several recent incidents involving

Heparin, a blood thinner using imported ingredients from China, may have caused
numerous deaths; contaminated dog food has killed pets, and toys with dangerous
levels of lead paint had to be recalled at great cost. Such incidents show the
need for better ways to ensure the safety of imports produced in global supply
chains. The seminar will explore such measures as improved testing and
self-regulation by firms, better and more effective regulation by both exporting
and importing countries including the


and EU, expanded tort liability, and increased action at the global level by
public entities like the WTO and private groups like the International
Standards Organization. Emphasis will be placed on measures to ensure the
safety of foodstuffs, bulk chemicals, and drugs entering the


and EU markets and special attention will be given to products originating in



. A
law school faculty team, led by Professor David M. Trubek and including.
Professors Stephanie Tai and Peter Carstensen will coordinate the seminar.
Students will be asked to select topics of interest and work with the
instructors to prepare class presentations. Papers of 15-20 pages will be due
at the end of the semester. The seminar is open to law students and graduate
students from other departments. Inquires should be directed to Professor
Trubek. dmtrubek@wisc.edu..

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