940 Philosophy of Law - §005, Spring 2009

Categories: Legal Theory and Jurisprudence

Instructor(s) Schweber, Howard

Philosophy of Law  This course reviews the treatment and understanding of law across a broad range
of western political theory, from Aristotle through Derrida. Our analysis will
consider the questions of what the word law means, what laws are understood to
do, the issues of legitimacy and authority in law, and the place that law
occupies as a foundational concept for other aspects of political theoretical

are short excerpts, which we will read closely; each
set of readings will be presented by members of the seminar, who will be
required to additional background readings and to help. In these presentations,
students will be called upon to help us see the text in the context of a more
general understanding of the authors and the philosophical contexts in which
they wrote. Other work will consist of short papers accompanying presentations,
and a major paper at the end of the semester.


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