940 Preparing Lawyers for Life - §007, Fall 2008

Categories: Legal Profession

Instructor(s) Schudson, Charles

Lawyers for Life" 

two credits

mandatory pass-fail


Judge Charles B. Schudson


Why are so many lawyers miserable?  Why do so many lawyers experience
professional success and personal
failure ??" distinguished service and depression,
high income and high blood pressure,
impressive careers and imploded
relationships with colleagues, partners, spouses and children?

What can we do about it?  Can teachable communication skills, wellness
practices, and insights derived from law reviews and literature help lawyers
succeed professionally and

To make careful career choices, law students need to
understand the very different demands of different practices, public and
private, big and small.  They need to
consider the challenges of balancing work and family.  To succeed, they need to develop legal acumen
and emotional intelligence. 
personally?  Can lawyers align their
careers with their values?  Can they
maintain their ethical standards in the midst of maddening pressures?      


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