940 Women's Legal History - §013, Spring 2011

Categories: Legal Theory and Jurisprudence Legal History Constitutional Law

Instructor(s) Larson, Jane

Through readings and discussions, this seminar will explore the experience of women in the United States with law and legal systems from the colonial period to the early 20th century.  We will focus on the roots of modern laws affecting women and women's interests.  Topics covered include property, labor, marriage, sexual choice and coercion, reproduction, prostitution, immigration, colonialism, citizenship and political participation. No previous background in history or women's issues is required.  An ambitious paper based on primary historical research is required of all students. Grades will be based on class participation and paper.  The seminar will meet weekly for two hours with the third hour of credit granted for the extensive reading, research and writing required.  Weekly reading requirement is heavy.   Enrollment is limited to 20 students.

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