943 Sel Probs Legislation: WI Budget Repair Bill - §002, Fall 2011

Categories: Administrative and Regulatory Law Municipal and Local Government

Instructor(s) Bennett, Gary

This seminar looks beyond partisan and protest lines to ask if Wisconsin's controversial Budget Repair Bill altered more than just the state's fiscal house and public employment law. The seminar focuses on three distinct questions, none of which analyze labor or employment law. First, whether judicial review of the Budget Repair Bill’s legislative process altered the scope and/or meaning of Wisconsin’s open meetings law. Second, whether the bill ushered in a new meaning of “separation of powers” or merely allowed for judicial restatement of existing law. Finally, we will analyze if the bill significantly altered electoral politics and state-municipal relations. The seminar will operate in a discussion format and will feature guest lectures from key actors involved in the bill’s passage and judicial review. If you have questions about the seminar please contact Gary Bennett at gabennett@wisc.edu.

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