808 Advanced Legal Writing: Writing for Discovery - §003, Fall 2008

Categories: Legal Writing

Instructor(s) Kasieta, Robert

Ethical and Professional Considerations in Legal Writing  (2-3 variable credits)

   The purpose of this course is to identify the types of
ethical and professional considerations that are associated with
writing particular types of documents.  This course will address
both "content-based considerations" as well as "format and practice

   For example, the students will write a client
letter.  The client letter assignment will examine content-based
considerations such as diligent communication, the duty of explanation
and candor, and the scope of advice.  Because client letters vary
according to the client and the matter at issue, they are often
considered "informal correspondence," and, as a general rule, do not
have formal format and practice requirements.  However, this
assignment will examine the ethical considerations that influence
format, tone, and preparation of the letter.


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