940 Community Economic Development Law - §018, Spring 2009

Categories: Real Estate, Land Use, and Community Law Administrative and Regulatory Law

Instructor(s) Alexander, Lisa

Community Economic Development Law

2 or 3 credits; Open
only to 2 Ls and 3 Ls; Limit 15 people. Consent of Instructo required. Recommended
Courses:  Business Organizations I,
Poverty Law, Real Estate, Tax, Non-Profit Organizations. Permission of
Instructor Required.     Instructor: Professor
Lisa Alexander

This seminar is a broad introduction to the growing area of
Community Economic Development Law (CED). Historically, legal advocates in the


sought to redress poverty and promote social justice primarily through rights-based
litigation.  Over the past two decades, CED
has emerged as a primarily transactional and market-based alternative legal strategy
for the amelioration of poverty.  In this
course, students will study the specific laws and regulations, such as the Low
Income Housing Tax Credit and the Community Reinvestment Act, as well as the business
and policy considerations, that underlie efforts to create affordable housing, stimulate
jobs, develop commercial real estate, and stimulate entrepreneurship in
low-income primarily urban communities. Students will also contrast the predominately
market-based philosophy of CED with emerging theories of equitable and accountable
development that seek to ensure that low-income individuals are the primary
stakeholders and beneficiaries of development in their communities. Students will
each write a seminar paper of at least 15-20 pages and engage in service
learning projects with area CED practitioners.


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