953 SP Business Orgs: Transactional Intellectual Property - §001, Spring 2009

Categories: Business, Corporate, Commercial Law

Instructor(s) Ghosh, Shubha

Transactional Intellectual Property (3 credits)


Book: Gruner, Ghosh & Kesan, Intellectual Property in Business Organizations:
Cases and  Materials (Lexis-Nexis 2006)(looseleaf edition). Plus
occasional supplementary articles and materials.


 The course examines intellectual property as copyright, patent, trademark,
and trade secret issues arise over the life-cycle of a business from startup to
mature company.  The course meet for 15 in class sessions over the
semester and is divided into three parts.  The first will  be a
review of copyright, patent, trademark and trade secret law from a
transactional perspective.  The second part will focus on intellectual
property at the start-up phase with a focus on employment issues (work for
hire, inventor for hire,

 shop right, NDA's, non-competes, grant-backs and other licensing practices)
and on licensing issues as it applies to make or buy decision of a firm. 
The third part will focus on financing and management issues with an emphasis
on securities, fiduciary duties, 

 and antitrust concerns of a mature company. 

When the class does not meet, students will be expected to work on three short
projects (each 10 pages in length) and corresponding to the three parts of the
class: (1) identification of  intellectual proeprty assets in a business,
(2)  analysis of  licensing terms as they apply to employment and related
issues, and (3) analysis of antitrust and financing issues. 


This course is a designed as a capstone course for business students interested
in intellectual property and intellectual property students interested in
business law and policy.   The goal is to allow students to see
intellectual property in practice and to synthesize intellectual property and
business policy.  Prerequisites:  Some

 intellectual property course or Business Organization I. 


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