940 L&CP: Law & Politics Nexus - §005, Spring 2011

Categories: Legal Theory and Jurisprudence

Instructor(s) Davis, Stanley

This seminar-style course will examine and discuss
historical and contemporary examples of the increasing overlapping of legal and
political issues. Students will review the history and resolution of such
issues and will study present day cases as well. Approximately 75% of the
course will consist of historical topics selected before the beginning of the
semester. The remainder of the course will deal with issues that arise during
the semester. In the case of the latter, students will be assigned an issue for
the following week and will read from assigned news sources or other media to
prepare for the following weeks discussion. Several students will be assigned
as discussion leaders for each class meeting. The issues discussed in the
course will originate primarily from

The main purpose of the course will be to use historical research and
discussion to prepare law students for the reality that the practice of law is
rarely a purely legal exercise and often requires the ability to detect and
navigate political considerations that not part of the traditional legal
process. The types of topics that might be addressed during this course are: 1)
Charter Schools in Wisconsin 2) Zero-Tolerance Discipline Policies in Education
3) Medical Malpractice Limits 4) Regulation of "Hate" Speech 5) Wisconsin
"Supermax" Prison: From Creation to Litigation


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