940 Cultural Property Law - §019, Spring 2011

Categories: Criminal Law International and Comparative Law Economic Regulation

Instructor(s) Alderman, Kimberly

This 2-credit course provides an introduction to the body of law regulating and pertaining to cultural property such as ancient artifacts, historical relics, and fine art.  Cultural property law may be criminal or civil, domestic or international, and it may be aimed at regulating the trade in cultural materials or it may protect them only incidentally.  Topics covered include organized crime in the illicit antiquities trade, cultural property protection in times of armed conflict, the disposition of underwater archaeological materials (shipwrecks), repatriation of colonially acquired artifacts, repatriation of Nazi-looted objects, repatriation of Native American remains under NAGPRA, bilateral agreements between source and market nations, and the role that museums and auction houses play in the illicit antiquities trade.   Each student will draft an analytical, scholarly paper on a pertinent topic of their choice.  This paper will constitute 80% of the final grade.  The remaining 20% will be determined by participation and small projects or presentations.  This course can fulfill the upper level writing requirement or be taken Pass/Fail.  Enrollment is limited to 20 students.

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