808 Advanced Legal Writing: Problem Solving - §001, Fall 2012

Categories: Legal Writing Law Practice Skills

Instructor(s) Kaiser, Aviva

Advanced Legal Writing: Problem Solving: "To a hammer, everything looks like a nail." (Anon.) Lawyers are problem solvers. Reflecting this reality, the MacCrate Report by the American Bar Association placed problem-solving at the very top of the list of the ten fundamental lawyering skills. In fact, every major report or survey about legal education lists problem-solving as a fundamental skill that should be taught in law school. Yet there is little written and very few courses about problem-solving. What is problem-solving? What processes do we use to solve problems? To answer these questions, we will read and evaluate some of the new problem-solving literature. We will create a lawyer’s guide for problem solving. We will then use that guide to solve a problem. We will draft documents to implement the solution, paying close attention to the relationship between problem-solving and writing.

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