749 Trademarks, Fall 2015

Categories: Intellectual Property

Section 001, Trademarks - Ghosh, Shubha

Course Page for Fall 2015 - Ghosh, Shubha

This course presents trademark law as part of a broader legal system of false advertising and unfair competition. Beginning with an introduction to false advertising and unfair competition laws at the federal level, the course will turn to the Lanham Act with a discussion of trademark subject matter, trademark registration, and trademark infringement. The course ends with a brief discussion of related areas, such as the right of publicity, and the relationships among trademark, copyright, and patent (both utility and design). Instruction will be through lecture with class discussion, use of online materials, and distance learning. Evaluation will be through three take home paper projects, each about 10 pages, based on a cumulative fact pattern. A good knowledge of first year torts, property, contract, and civil procedure will be presumed. Knowledge of constitutional law, business organizations, intellectual property, and antitrust are not required, but the subject matter of the course will draw on these areas of law.