Student Life

Because of an admission process that emphasizes diversity and life-learning achievements as well as outstanding academic success, University of Wisconsin Law School students are an incredibly diverse and accomplished group. 

There is a special feeling of community in the school and an informal, supportive atmosphere, reflecting a special commitment by faculty and administrators to student learning, morale, and well-being.

There are many opportunities to engage in student activities and organizations.  A wealth of specialized student interest organizations provide outstanding opportunities to explore your interests with your fellow students.

Do you have questions or concerns about entering law school? Our Student Ambassadors would be happy to speak with you. Learn more about our Student Ambassadors Program.

justin dreikosen

Justin Dreikosen

Lessons that reach beyond the classroom

“I worked in the Family Law Project of the Remington Center during my 1L summer and continue to work there during the year. The large amount of client interaction makes the clinical experience at Madison very unique. It also teaches you about managing the human component and human expectations in the face of the law.”

samuel robins

Sam Robins

Caring community

"Even though law school is a lot of work, Wisconsin provides a lot of resources to help you succeed and that taking advantage of those resources helps tremendously.”

jasmine trimble

Jasmine Trimble

Living in Madison

"Wisconsin has a reputation for being academically rigorous while culturally inviting. I knew that I would have an opportunity to not only take a wide array of classes, but also be given ample opportunities to develop practical lawyering skills through clinics and externships."

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