Summer Job Series

From clerkships to clinical assistantships to working as summer associates at firms, summer legal work helps students gain practical skills and experiences that benefit them during law school and beyond.

John Bliming, Mayer Brown, LLP

"I went into the summer worried that I would have no idea how to 'be a lawyer,' but between the skills I gained during my first two years of law school and the guidance provided by the firm, I was able to complete substantive work that clients actually used." Read more.

Cole Agar, Legal Intern, Hafez Avocats

"I was surprised by people’s ability to push forward with their work, even as chaos resounded around us. Unless protests were blocking the roads to the office or fighting was predicted to get especially bad, we found a way to make it to the office." Read more

Iga Fikayo Keme, Legal Intern, Dej Udom & Associates

"Most students are able to internalize new concepts by just reading about them. I, on the other hand, need to physically practice the things that I have learned. My internship provided me the opportunity to practice what I have learned and understand the true meaning of 'law in action.'" Read more.

Clare Carlson, Certified Law Clerk, San Francisco Public Defender's Office

"It was amazing to watch talented attorneys make opening statements and closing arguments and conduct some particularly contentious cross-examinations. It was also insightful to see the amount of work — and thinking on your feet — that goes into criminal trials." Read more.

Antonia Ferguson, Policy Intern, Office of Governor Scott Walker & Legal Intern, Office of State Representative Scott Krug

"My summer work at the State Capitol touched on so many different areas, and I learned a lot. Both positions involved a variety of responsibilities—from data entry to answering phones to writing briefings and memos." Read more.

2012 Summer Job Series


Lauren Powell, Summer Associate, Sidley Austin

"While at Sidley Austin, I had the opportunity to work in numerous practice areas, including trusts and estates, real estate, bankruptcy, labor and employment, global finance, and corporate law." Read more.


Jason Sanders, Summer Associate, Godfrey & Kahn, S.C.

"Discovering that associate work is essentially "here's a puzzle, now go solve it, or tell me the different ways that someone could solve it" was spectacular, because I'm the sort of person who is genuinely intrigued by (and legitimately enjoys) puzzles." Read more.


Henry Weiner, Clinical Law Student, Neighborhood Law Clinic

"At the Neighborhood Law Clinic (NLC), I am essentially a practicing attorney. I interview clients, make decisions on what cases to take on, write memos to our supervising attorney, demand letters to the opposition, and many other tasks a licensed attorney does on a daily basis." Read more.

Samuel Bennett

Samuel Bennett, Judicial Intern, Dane County Circuit Court

"My experience in the Circuit Court showed me all the stages of civil litigation in a short period of time. I was able to observe and participate in the judicial process in cases that were just starting and cases that were coming to an end. Watching the natural progression of litigation will help me in the rest of my time at Law School and in my career as well." Read more.

Blythe Kennedy

Blythe Kennedy, Policy Analyst Intern, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

"As an intern at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Office of Enforcement I was exposed to a variety of issues and legal queries surrounding ongoing and potential investigations of consumer harm. The issues I was assigned to research were multitudinous, incredibly varied, and extremely interesting. It was an amazing summer." Read more.

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