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Shintaro Araki (MLI 1995). I joined Fragomen, Del Rey, Bernsen & Loewy, LLP in January 2007 as a result of the merger of my former law firm.  I brought my 10 colleagues with me and established the Japanese Practice Group.  Fragomen is an immigration firm with offices both in the US and abroad.  Although I continue to practice business immigration, I have assumed a more managerial role for team management, client relationship and business development.  Personally, our three children continue to keep my wife and me occupied. 

Areeya Asvanund (LLM 2001; SJD 2003) I got married to Mr. Prin Tieanworn on October 16, 2006. That's all I have for an update now.

Young-Geun Chae (MLI, LLM, SJD) has been teaching at Inha University School of Law (Incheon, Korea) for the past four years.  He welcomes alums to Incheon! Please contact him at

Jung Wei Chi (MLI 1997) I was married July 8, 2007 in Taiwan to Selene Chen. You can see my wife and me in the photo that was published in a newspaper.  It shows that my marriage was witnessed by Kuomintang (KMT) presidential candidate, Ma Ying Jeou. 

Hsieh, Kunfeng (Marris)  (MLI 2006) It is great to work in Baker & McKenzie Taipei since it is one of the best law firm in Taiwan.  I am proud and I think such achievement is due to the training of the teachers in UW Madison.

Thanutr Isarankura (B) (MLI 1999) I'm working with Huntons & Williams, a US law firm that initially developed their practice in Thailand focusing on power project.  To date, our practices are broader than before covering almost every key practice area, giving me a good opportunity to get involved in areas ranging from financing, debt restructuring, amalgamation and arbitration.  I am doing okay and spend my free time with my friends at our small pub that has been opened for almost three years.  Hope everybody is doing well too.

Hiroshi Iwao (MLI ) I am working for Japan Bank for International Cooperation, as before. I am dealing with project finance in the area of oil & gas, petrochemical, asset acquisition on worldwide basis and also Latin American independent power producing projects. Our work requires heavy volume of legal documentation, so what I learned in MLI programs of UW Law School has still helped me a lot. I have two daughters, a seven years old and a three years old. The elder daughter entered an elementary school last year's spring. Although I am always busy and have many business trips, I enjoy my life with my family.

Futoshi Iwata (MLI, LLM, SJD). Futoshi is Professor of Law at Sophia University Law School, Tokyo

Ba Le (MLI 2001) I'm in the Master of Public Management Program (MPM) at the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy(National University of Singapore), which is designed for senior officials working in the public sector. The MPM program began in January 2007 and will end in January 2008. As part of the program I will spend the fall semester at the Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University. Before joining the MPM program, I was working as Deputy Director of Legal Department, Ministry of Industry of Vietnam. My plan after completion of the training program is to go back to my country to resume my work in the government. My personal news is that I got married in 2002. My wife and I have two kids, one boy (4 years old) and a girl (8 months old).

Sumitr  (Mint) Potranandana (MLI 2003). After receiving the MLI degree, Mint did a second master’s at the University of Illinois.  He then worked as the head of an international law department at Siam University and is currently a judge trainee at the Central Criminal Court of Thailand. He wants to pursue his doctoral degree and hopes he won't get too busy to follow his dream. Last, he still loves Madison!

Apsornsopha (Nong) Sariman (MLI 1992, LLM 1994) After nine years with Herbert Smith LLP, I am now working as an in-house counsel for my husband's company.

Masahiro Sogabe (MLI 2001) I am still working in New York.  I was assigned to the position of Corporate Counsel in our company’s North American headquarters (ITOCHU International Inc.) from Tokyo headquarters (ITOCHU Corporation) in July 2003 and after then four years have passed here.  Time really flies so fast.  We have two daughters; they were both born here and thus have U.S. citizenship!  I am enjoying the beautiful summer with my lovely family in a suburb of New York.  Needless to say, I will enjoy watching football games of Badgers and Packers in the coming fall and winter seasons.

Koichi  Setoyama (MLI 99; LLM 2002; SJD candidate) Since I returned to Japan from Madison in spring 2004, I have been teaching at the Graduate School of Law and Politics, Osaka University.. My courses are "Bioethics and the Law" for Law School students, "Legal Issues Concerning Biotechnology and Medicine" for Medical School students, "Japanese Legal/Political System and Culture" and "Japanese Legal System" for international undergraduate students, "Comprehensive Seminar Work on Japanese Law" for international graduate students, and "Constitutional Law" for undergraduates.  At the same time, I have served as Foreign Student Advisor at Osaka University and have taken care of international students from a variety of countries.

In December 2006, I was one of the organizers of an international symposium at Osaka Law School, Legal Education and Ethical Issues in Science and Technology: Exploring New Approaches. In the first session of the symposium, "How to Implement Ethical Issues in Science and Technology in Educating Legal Professionals: Two Models", Dr. Suzanne Lee, from the UW Law School’s Center for Patient Partnership spoke on the practice of Patient Advocacy at the Center.  Professor Futoshi Iwata (MLI 1992; LLM 1994) of Sophia University, Tokyo, and I commented at the Symposium.

Ming-Hsing Yang (Sam)  (MLI 2003, SJD 2006)  writes: “I miss all the good life at the Law School, the Center, and Madison.  After returning to Taiwan, I moved down to Hsinchu. I work as an in-house counsel for ProMOS Technologies Inc., which is located in Hsinchu Science Park. This working experience is quite different from the life in a law firm or in the school. I enjoy it very much, although it's tough and full of new challenges."

Yonghong Ying (Jenny) (MLI 2002, LLM 2004)   I am working as a general manager of GCGDS, a company sells health supplement products to China.  I married an attorney from Chicago, Edward McElroy, and we now have two children. We live in San Diego, California.                                          

Li Emma Zhang (MLI 2001) In June, 2007, Emma wrote “I just joined Hudson Global as its Legal Consultant based in Shanghai. My business email is”

Jian "Joe" Zhou (MLI 1998, LLM 1999, SJD 2004) My family relocated to New York City in the summer of 2006.  I am operating our firm's New York branch office (Zhang & Associates, P.C.), while traveling from time to time to work with an outsourcing office in Beijing.   We enjoy the change of seasons in New York and my son enjoys riding the Long Island railroad train.  We are living on the border of Queens and Long Island, and you are welcome to stop by when you visit NYC.


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