Research Travel Grant

FOR  2L and 3L STUDENTS: Intersession;  proposal deadline November 1.

FOR 1L and 2L STUDENTS:  Summer; proposal deadline: April 1.

The East Asian Legal Studies Center (Law School, room 4312) awards travel allowances, average amount $1,400, to University of Wisconsin Law School J.D. students who want to do legal research involving countries of East Asia or Southeast Asia . The awards do NOT pay for general living expenses or materials.  However, they will cover all or most of the cost of the airfare (economy) and some local transportation costs. There are two usual times for research travel–during winter intersession and during the summer. See deadlines given above.

Program Components:

  • Preparation and submission of your Proposal and other required materials (see below) by the deadline;
  • Field research abroad;
  • Writing and submission of a short summary ("reaction paper") of your experience -- due two weeks after your return;
  • Additional research and writing of the research paper in the semester following your field research. You will need to find a faculty advisor BEFORE YOU DO YOUR FIELD RESEARCH and complete the required form that is available at the Main Office of the Law School.
  • This research travel grant is connected with writing a legal research paper for credit.  You will register for "Directed Research," Law 990, for between 1 to 3 credits during the semester following your field research under the supervision of a Law School professor who is required to approve your research and sign the form (see previous bullet point information).

Required Application Materials

Note: There is no formal application form to apply for a travel grant.  To apply, submit paper copies of the following:

  • a cover letter written to the East Asian Legal Studies Center telling what you would like to do;
  • a detailed research proposal that indicates the background reading that you have already done or will be doing before you leave;
  • a letter or email from the person in the country of choice who has agreed to act as an on-site advisor for your work (Ask us if your need suggestions);
  • a proposed budget. Include a print-out of your expected flight itinerary and its cost;
  • a current resume;
  • Law School transcript (unofficial). Request a student record through your "MyWisc" website, at the Student Center.  It will be sent to you by email attachment as a pdf file. (We will also accept an official transcript, but the University charges a fee for official transcripts.)
  • You will need to submit a copy of a completed Directed Research form before you leave, if your proposal is accepted. (Paper copies of the form are available.) During the semester before you leave to do research, you will need to find a Law School professor who will act as the advisor for your research project. You then complete the Directed Research form, have it signed, and give a COPY of the form to the Center.
  • You must purchase mandatory travel insurance for the period of your research travel. See the Center for information.
  • If you have questions, please contact the Center at

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