Municipal Government Administration Seminar

Program Details by Year

Photo: Wenjie Hu

2011 Program: This year marked the fifth annual “Seminar on Municipal Government Administration", a special program hosted by the University of Wisconsin Law School’s East Asian Legal Studies Center for the Shanghai Minhang District government. This program was jointly organized by the East Asian Legal Studies Center and Minhang District government, and it was supported by state and local government agencies, numerous NGOs across the state, and school districts within Dane County.

This year’s program kicked off in June with 40 Minhang District government officials attending the sessions in Shanghai. The Secretary of Wisconsin Department of Revenue, Secretary Richard Chandler, Governor Scott Walker’s Chief Legal Counsel, Mr. Brian Hagedorn, Associated Director of UW Madison Office of Transportation Services, Mr. Casey Newman, and Senior Director East Asian Legal Studies Center, Professor Charles Irish, visited and taught in Shanghai. After a selection process, 19 Minhang government officials, 11 of which were senior officials, were chosen to travel to the US. 

The government officials had three weeks of course study in Madison and ten days of observation in New York, Washington D.C. and San Francisco. They also participated in a three week internship with the City of Madison, a State of Wisconsin government agency, or a Wisconsin-based NGO. The officials all regard the internship as a memorable experience, where they have gained first-hand knowledge of how American governmental agencies operate and conduct day to day business.

This year’s seminar was yet another success. We appreciate the efforts made by all who supported, helped and believed in this program. This program would not be possible without the participating government agencies, NGOs, and faculty and staff of the University of Wisconsin.

2010 Program: The Fourth Annual Seminar and Internship on Municipal Government Administration opened with a training session in Shanghai, June 7-25, 2010, followed by the current program in Madison, taking place October 24, 2010 until the end of December.  Nineteen government officials from the from the Minhang District of Shanghai are participating in the current program. 

This year's seminar focuses on governmental social welfare policy making, including how the government supports low income housing projects.  The seminar also includes how the government develops its fiscal budget.

The seminar includes four weeks of courses, given primarily by faculty of the University of Wisconsin Law School; two weeks observation outside of Madison, including visits in New York, Washington, D.C., and Boston; and a four-week internship for each participant.  The internships are at such places as Wisconsin's Department of Workforce Development, the Wisconsin Department of Administration, the Department of Natural Resources, and the City of Madison Housing Office, among others.

As part of the seminar, the participants met Wisconsin Governor Jim Doyle.  They also met Secretary Matt Frank (Secretary, Department of Natural Resources, and other government officials in Madison. 

2009 Program: Twenty municipal workers from the Minhang District of Shanghai, China, were in Madison from August 18 to October 24, 2009. For the first four weeks, special lectures were given to the participants by UW faculty and representatives from various government departments. New among the issues discussed in the 2009 Program were lectures on the use of renewable energy and disaster preparedness. Special tours, such as a trip to the wind farm in Fond du Lac, were also arranged to provide hands-on experience related to the lectures. As part of the program, the municipal workers had internships for four weeks at a number of offices in Wisconsin governmental departments and at non-governmental organizations. In addition to being in Madison, they traveled to New York, Washington, DC, Boston, Los Angeles, San Diego, Chicago, and Milwaukee as part of their training experience in the U.S.

2008 Program: Twenty municipal workers from the Minhang District of Shanghai participated in this year's Seminar on Municipal Government Administration which began on November 23, 2008 and concluded at the end of January 2009. The Madison component of the program was preceded by a session in Shanghai, attended by fifty government officials, including the 20 who were selected to come to Madison.
During the Seminar, the participants attended a four-week course and then interned for three weeks at various departments of the Wisconsin state government and also at a senior center in Madison. The participants met the mayor of Madison and the mayor of Milwaukee during their stay. They also visited community leaders in other cities, such as Boston, New York, Washington, D.C., Philadelphia, San Diego, and Los Angeles. They participants also met the leads of the Black River Ho-Chunk Nation in Wisconsin and learned of the culture of this Native American Nation and its administration.

2007 Program: Twenty municipal workers from the Minhang District of Shanghai, China, were in Madison  August 18 through October 27, 2007, to participate in a ten-week training program in Madison, Wisconsin, and other cities in the U.S. As part of this "Seminar on Municipal Government Administration," the twenty were part of  fifty government officials from the Minhang District who participated in a two-week seminar, June 9-23, 2007 in Shanghai.  Twenty of the fifty were selected to attend the seminar in the U.S.

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