Corporate Governance and Taiwan's Capital Markets


All photos courtesy of Fuhwa Financial Group

Opening Ceremony

Opening Ceremony of the conference

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Keynote Address: "Corporate Governance in Taiwan-- The Road Ahead"

Dean Kenneth B. Davis, Jr., University of Wisconsin Law School delivering the Keynote Address

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Session 1: "Taiwan's Financial Reforms: What Has Been Done, What Lies Ahead?"

Chen-en Ko, President, Chung Hua Institute for Economic Research

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Session 2: "Independent Directors, Supervisory Commissions and Beyond"

Tain-Jy Chen, Professor of Economics, National Taiwan University

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Session 3: "The Market for Corporate Control"

Ching-Sung Wu, Professor of International Business, National Taiwan University

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Session 4: "Financial Reporting and Transparency"

Charles Irish, Professor and Director of the East Asian Legal Studies Center, University of Wisconsin

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Session 5: "Good Governance and Employee Compensation (Bonus Shares, Etc.)"

Tsun-Siou Lee, Professor of Finance, National Taiwan University

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Session 6: "Where To Go From Here?"

Ching-Chang Yen, Chairman, Fuhwa Financial Holding Company

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Charles Irish; Dean Kenneth Davis, Jr.; and Ching-Chang Yen(?)

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