Writing Tutor Job Opening

available to current 2L and 3L students

The Writing Tutor Position is available for the 2013-2014 school year, fall and spring semesters. The rate of pay is $17.33/hr. The average hours are 4-8 hrs/wk in the fall semester and 6-8 hrs/wk in the spring semester. This position is Work-Study eligible. 

Job Description:
The writing tutor, a JD student, 2L or 3L, reads and makes written comments on the English usage in legal research papers written by international masters students in the Law School's LL.M-Legal Institutions (LLM-LI) program for whom English is not a native language. The tutor then meets with the LLM-LI student individually to discuss the edits and answer questions.The writing tutors are hired to help LLM-LI students with the overall organization of their papers; assistance with research approaches; the flow of logic in their work; attribution and citation conventions following the Bluebook; identifying and avoiding plagiarism.

• Preference in hiring is given JD students who have had some kind of experience, paid or unpaid, in editing papers and working with individuals and who have written a research paper themselves; then to third year JD students with experience; then to third or second year students with limited or no experience.
• Applicants should have excellent ability in English and legal writing as well as very good skills in interacting with people.
• Applicants must have written a research paper, either as an undergrad or graduate student.
• It is desirable if you have learned a second language, whether it is an East Asian language or not. Please state your second language abilities either on the resume or in the cover letter.

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