Mediation Clinic

Got Conflict?

There is a new mediation program at UW Law School that can help you resolve your conflict!

  • Mediation is a voluntary and confidential process to resolve conflicts.
  • People decide for themselves whether they want to reach an agreement and what it will be.
  • With the help of a neutral third party (the mediator), people sit down informally to discuss their concerns and see if they can reach an agreement that is acceptable to both of them.
  • Mediation can help people understand their conflicts in new ways that can enable them to find resolutions.
  • Mediation can help people communicate with each other.
  • You can end mediation at any time, and very often it is free.

For more information about mediation or to schedule a mediation session, please contact Perri Mayes, Director of the Mediation Clinic at or 608-262-4870.

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