Event Planning Guide

This guide is intended to help you plan for your upcoming event in the Law School. Please review the following items and contact the appropriate staff members to make necessary arrangements. In all cases, please make all arrangements at least 2 weeks prior to the date of your event.

A/V & Tech Services
For videotaping, TV/VCR, microphones, computer/projector, overflow rooms, etc, contact IT staff at 262-5242, help@law.wisc.edu and submit a request on-line.

Building Access
The Law Building is open the same hours as the Law Library. If your event is scheduled at a time when the building is closed, you must contact Justin Boehm (justin.boehm@wisc.edu, 890-4466) to make special arrangements.

Clean Up
You are responsible for clean up after your event. You can either find staff or student volunteers or hire UW Maintenance to provide clean up services (the charge is $72/day.) Contact Justin Boehm (justin.boehm@wisc.edu, 890-4466) for details.

Events Calendar and Room Reservation
Submit events for the calendar.
Check availability of 5215, 6113, 7113, Atrium, or Lubar before trying to reserve.

Facilities Services
See staff in the Main Office (5110) to request services such as extra seating, tables, furniture arrangements, maintenance, heating/cooling, etc. NOTE: If your event is scheduled on a weekend, you will have to make arrangements for heating/cooling. See also "Clean Up"

Food and Beverage Service
Catered Events:

  • If the event or meeting is on property owned or leased by the University and food will be served, a university caterer must be used. Contact University Housing Catering at 262-5577 or Memorial Union Catering at 262-2511 (You will need a UW Requisition Number drawn from the fund you've been approved to use)
  • If neither the Union nor Housing is available to provide the catering, then you have approval to contact a catering vendor for the event. You must be able to provide documentation that verifies both the Union and Housing are not available to provide the service. All vendors who perform catering services on campus must have a City of Madison Catering License and provide, prior to the event, a current insurance certificate with high-risk insurance limits, which must be forwarded to Risk Management for approval.

Catering does NOT include:

  • Food purchased and prepared by University staff or prepared food (prepackaged box lunches, sandwiches, cheese trays, pizza, cookies, fruit, or similar items) purchased from a licensed restaurant and/or catering operation. Prepared food may be delivered by the vendor or picked up at the vendor's site.

NOTE: Alcoholic beverage service on University property requires a separate permit. See the Main Office (5110) for permit forms.

For information about requesting Law School funding for student events and travel, see the J.D. Grants Committee webpage.

Current Students Newsletter Announcement(http://www.law.wisc.edu/current/)
Provide an announcement via e-mail to newsletter@law.wisc.edu.

See Dianna Klein in the Dean's Office to make arrangements (dianna.klein@wisc.edu, 608-890-1091). Please note that parking is very limited and may not be available.

Printing/Duplication (Flyers, signs, brochures, name cards, etc.)
Contact the Copy Shop at copyshop@law.wisc.edu or 262-0668. Design of original materials is up to you. Please remove any posted signs after the event.

Consider the following:

  • Media coverage
  • Email announcement
  • Website News Article
  • Calendar Event Listing

For a website news article, provide a press release with all relevant details to news@law.wisc.edu

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