Emeritus Faculty

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Ann Althouse608-262-2444althouse@wisc.edu
Robert W. & Irma Arthur-Bascom Professor of Law
Margaret Baumgartnermargaret.baumgartner@wisc.edu
Emeritus Legal Research & Writing Faculty
Richard B. Bilder608-262-3094rbbilder@wisc.edu8113
Professor of Law Emeritus
Ralph Cagle608-262-7881rmcagle@wisc.edu7107
Clinical Professor Emeritus
Nina Camicnlcamic@wisc.edu
Faculty Associate Emerita
Peter Carstensen608-263-7416peter.carstensen@wisc.edu7101
Fred W. & Vi Miller Chair in Law Emeritus
Arlen Christensonacchrist@wisc.edu
Professor of Law Emeritus
Larry Church608-262-1695wlchurch@wisc.edu7105
Sherwood R. Volkman-Bascom Professor of Law
Carin Clausscaclauss@wisc.edu9113
Nathan P. Feinsinger Professor of Labor Law Emerita
William Clune608-262-2243whclune@wisc.edu8113A
Professor of Law Emeritus
Kenneth Davis608-262-0962kbdavis@wisc.edu9107
Fred W. & Vi Miller Dean Emeritus and George H. Young Chair in Law
Walter Dickeywalter.dickey@wisc.edu
George H. Young Chair; Professor of Law Emeritus
William Ebbottwilliam.ebbott@wisc.edu
Associate Director for Public Services Emeritus
Howard Erlanger608-263-7405howard.erlanger@wisc.edu9109
Voss-Bascom Professor of Law, Emeritus
Ted Finmantfinman@wisc.edu
Professor of Law Emeritus
Marc Galantermsgalant@wisc.edu8113A
Professor of Law Emeritus
Herman Goldsteinhgold@wisc.edu
Professor of Law Emeritus
Steve Herzbergsjherzbe@wisc.edu; prairiefire@earthlink.net
Professor of Law Emeritus
Charles Irishcharles.irish@wisc.edu
Sherwood R. Volkman-Bascom Distinguished Teaching Professor of Law Emeritus
James Jonesjejones@wisc.edu
Professor of Law Emeritus
Leonard Kaplanlvkaplan@wisc.edu
Mortimer M. Jackson Professor of Law Emeritus
Neil Komesarneil.komesar@wisc.edu
Professor of Law Emeritus
Stewart Macaulay608-262-2442smacaula@wisc.edu6108
Professor of Law Emeritus
Cynthia Mayclmay@wisc.edu
Head of Cataloging Emerita
Arthur McEvoyafmcevoy@swlaw.edu
Professor of Law Emeritus
Virginia Meiervirginia.meier@wisc.edu
Head of Cataloging Emerita
Elizabeth Mertz608-263-7419eemertz@wisc.edu; emertz@abfn.org6108
John and Rylla Bosshard Professor of Law
Gary Milhollingm@wisconsinproject.org
Professor of Law Emeritus
Deborah Moritzdcmoritz@wisc.edu
Legal Research & Writing Faculty Emerita
Judith E. Olingyjeolingy@wisc.edu
Clinical Professor of Law Emerita
Thomas Palaytmpalay@wisc.edu
Professor of Law Emeritus
Nancy Paulnancy.paul@wisc.edu
Associate Director for Administration Emerita
John Pray608-263-7461john.pray@wisc.edu4318J
Clinical Professor of Law; Co-Director, Wisconsin Innocence Project
Krista Ralstonkralston@wisc.edu
Clinical Professor of Law Emerita
Walter Raushenbushwbraushe@wisc.edu
Professor of Law Emeritus
Ruth Robartsrrobarts@wisc.edu
Legal Research & Writing Faculty Emerita
David Schultz608-262-6881deschult@wisc.edu6105
Professor of Law
Michael Smithmesmith4@wisc.edu
Kathleen M. & George I. Haight Professor of Law Emeritus
Kenneth Streitkmstreit@wisc.edu
Clinical Professor of Law Emeritus
Gerald Thain608-262-3446gjthain@wisc.edu9113
Professor of Law Emeritus
Joseph Thome608-263-7418jrthome@wisc.edu8113A
Professor of Law Emeritus
Cliff Thompsoncfthomps@wisc.edu
Professor of Law, Emeritus
Lynn Thompsonlynn.thompson@wisc.edu
Emeritus Events Director
David Trubekdmtrubek@wisc.edu
Professor of Law Emeritus
Louise Trubeklgtrubek@wisc.edu
Clinical Professor of Law Emerita
Frank Tuerkheimer608-262-3093fmtuerkh@wisc.edu9113A
Professor of Law Emeritus
Alan J. Weisbardalan.weisbard@wisc.edu
Emeritus Professor of Law, Bioethics, Jewish Studies and Religious Studies
June Weisbergerjmweisbe@wisc.edu
Professor of Law Emerita
William Whitford608-262-2443bill.whitford@wisc.edu8101
Professor of Law Emeritus