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Ann Althouse 608-262-2444
Robert W. & Irma Arthur-Bascom Professor of Law
Martha Askins 608-890-3541 4318G
LAIP Clinical Instructor
Erin Barbato
IJC Clinical Instructor
Steven M. Barkan 608-262-1151 6358
Voss-Bascom Professor of Law; Director of the Law Library
Margaret Baumgartner
Emeritus Legal Research & Writing Faculty
Richard B. Bilder 608-262-3094 8113
Professor of Law Emeritus
Cristina Borde 608-263-9576 4318E
Clinical Instructor
Tonya Brito 608-265-6475 8103
Burrus-Bascom Professor of Law
Ralph Cagle 608-262-7881 7107
Clinical Professor Emeritus
Nina Camic
Faculty Associate Emerita
Peter Carstensen 608-263-7416 7101
Fred W. & Vi Miller Chair in Law Emeritus
R. Alta Charo 608-262-5015 6109
Warren P. Knowles Professor of Law and Bioethics
Larry Church 608-262-1695 7105
Sherwood R. Volkman-Bascom Professor of Law
Carin Clauss 9113
Nathan P. Feinsinger Professor of Labor Law Emerita
William Clune 608-262-2243 8113A
Professor of Law Emeritus
Kenneth Davis 608-262-0962 9107
Fred W. & Vi Miller Dean Emeritus and George H. Young Chair in Law
Sarah Davis 608-265-0906 4312B
Clinical Associate Professor
Maria DeArteaga 608-890-3859 4318F
Anuj Desai 608-263-7605 8102
Voss Bascom Professor of Law
Walter Dickey
George H. Young Chair; Professor of Law Emeritus
Howard Erlanger 608-263-7405 9109
Voss-Bascom Professor of Law, Emeritus
Keith A. Findley 608-262-4763 8108
Associate Professor of Law
Martha (Meg) Gaines 608-890-4467 4312B
Director, Center for Patient Partnership (CPP); Distinguished Clinical Professor of Law
Marc Galanter 8113A
Professor of Law Emeritus
Jeffrey Michael Glazer
Clinical Assistant Professor
Herman Goldstein
Professor of Law Emeritus
Linda Greene 262-6351 / 332-1840 9105
Evjue-Bascom Professor of Law
Rachel Grob 608-265-6267 4311
Director of National Initiatives
Sarah Hadjimarkos 608-262-8557 4373A
Legal Research & Writing Faculty
Geoff Heeren 1342
Immigrant Justice Clinic Director
Kathryn Hendley 608-263-5135 9101
William Voss-Bascom Professor of Law and Political Science
Eileen Hirsch 608-890-1173 4318A
Director of Juvenile Life Without Parole Project
Alexandra Huneeus 608-265-1149 8111
Associate Professor of Law ; Director, Global Legal Studies Center
Charles Irish
Sherwood R. Volkman-Bascom Distinguished Teaching Professor of Law Emeritus
Jill Jacklitz 608-890-1233 4312B
Director of Education, Center for Patient Partnerships
Stephanie Johnson 608-890-0517 4313
Advocacy Coordinator
Kate Judson 608-890-3542 6224
Clinical Instructor
Leonard Kaplan
Mortimer M. Jackson Professor of Law Emeritus
Ben Kempinen 608-262-7908 3353
Distinguished Clinical Professor of Law; Director, Prosecution Project
Dianna Klein 608-262-0618 5211
Assistant to the Dean
Cecelia M. Klingele 608-890-3258 8110
Associate Professor, Faculty Associate to the Remington Center, Affiliate of the Institute for Research on Poverty, Faculty Affiliate of the La Follette School of Public Affairs
Heinz Klug 608-262-7370 8109
Evjue-Bascom Professor in Law
Neil Komesar
Professor of Law Emeritus
Michele LaVigne 608-262-9859 4318K
Distinguished Clinical Professor of Law; Director, Public Defender Project
Gwendolyn Leachman 608-262-7367 7108
Assistant Professor
Stewart Macaulay 608-262-2442 6108
Professor of Law Emeritus
Marsha Mansfield 608-262-9142 1346
Distinguished Clinical Professor of Law; Director, Economic Justice Institute; Director, Family Court Assistance Project
Erin McBride 608-890-4934 1344
Director, Government & Legislative Clinic; Externship Director; Clinical Associate Professor
Marygold S. Melli
Professor of Law Emerita
Elizabeth Mertz 608-263-7419; 6108
John and Rylla Bosshard Professor of Law
Ion Meyn 608-262-5137 9104
Assistant Professor of Law
Gary Milhollin
Professor of Law Emeritus
Mitch 608-263-9575 1340
Clinical Associate Professor, Neighborhood Law Clinic
Richard Monette 608-263-7409 7103
Professor of Law; Director, Great Lakes Indian Law Center
Deborah Moritz
Legal Research & Writing Faculty Emerita
Yaron Nili 608-262-0525 6110
Assistant Professor of Law
John K.M. Ohnesorge 608-263-7603 9112
George Young Bascom Professor of Law; Director for East Asian Legal Studies
Judith E. Olingy
Clinical Professor of Law Emerita
Sarah Orr 608-890-2454 1349
Clinical Associate Professor, Consumer Law Project
Pilar Ossorio 608-263-4387 9103
Professor of Law and Bioethics
Thomas Palay
Professor of Law Emeritus
Tami Patel
L&ECP Supervising Attorney
Kim M. Peterson 608-262-6097 2378
Legal Research & Writing Faculty
Mary Ann Polewski 608-263-6327 4373
Administrative Director of Legal Research & Writing
John Pray 608-263-7461 4318J
Clinical Professor of Law; Co-Director, Wisconsin Innocence Project
Mary Prosser 608-265-1159 4318D
Clinical Professor of Law
Asifa Quraishi-Landes 608-263-7604
Professor of Law
Krista Ralston
Clinical Professor of Law Emerita
Margaret Raymond 608-265-3750 5211A
Fred W. & Vi Miller Dean and Professor of Law
Ruth Robarts
Legal Research & Writing Faculty Emerita
Joel Rogers 608-262-4266 7144B Sewell Social Sciences
Professor of Law, Political Science, Public Affairs and Sociology; Director, COWS
Boaventura de Sousa Santos 608-263-7414 6370
ILS Distinguished Scholar
Collin Schaefer
L&E Clinical Instructor
Jonathan Scharrer 608-263-7905 4318B
Clinical Instructor
David Schultz 608-262-6881 6105
Professor of Law
David S. Schwartz 608-262-8150 9108
Foley & Lardner Bascom Professor of Law
Miriam Seifter 608-265-4771 9111
Assistant Professor
Mitra Sharafi 608-265-8428 6112
Associate Professor of Law
Leslie Shear 608-262-2030 4318C
Clinical Professor of Law; Director, Family Law Project
Mark Sidel 608-262-5608 6104
Doyle-Bascom Professor of Law
Anne Smith @1403 Building
2nd Floor, 1403 University Avenue
Clinical Assistant Professor of Law
Michael Smith
Kathleen M. & George I. Haight Professor of Law Emeritus
Carrie Sperling 608-262-3646 5211C
Associate Dean for Experiential Learning and Education Innovation; Clinical Professor of Law
Adam Stevenson 608-262-9233 4318J
Director, Remington Center, Clinical Associate Professor
Kenneth Streit
Clinical Professor of Law Emeritus
Susannah Camic Tahk 608-890-3750 5211B
Associate Professor of Law; Institute for Legal Studies Director; Associate Dean for Research & Faculty Development
Steph Tai 608-890-1236 8104
Associate Professor of Law
Gerald Thain 608-262-3446 9113
Professor of Law Emeritus
Joseph Thome 608-263-7418 8113A
Professor of Law Emeritus
Cliff Thompson
Professor of Law, Emeritus
Trina Tinglum 608-265-2545 2370
Legal Research & Writing Faculty
David Trubek
Professor of Law Emeritus
Louise Trubek
Clinical Professor of Law Emerita
Frank Tuerkheimer 608-262-3093 9113A
Professor of Law Emeritus
Andrew Turner 608-263-5088 3374
Legal Research & Writing Faculty
Gretchen Viney 608-262-8048 5228
Director of Lawyering Skills Program; Distinguished Clinical Professor of Law
Ursula Weigold 608-262-8563 4373B
Director of Legal Research and Writing; Clinical Associate Professor of Law
Alan J. Weisbard
Emeritus Professor of Law, Bioethics, Jewish Studies and Religious Studies
June Weisberger
Professor of Law Emerita
Cheryl Rosen Weston 608-263-5087 6103
Distinguished Lecturer
William Whitford 608-262-2443 8101
Professor of Law Emeritus
Greg Wiercioch 608-263-1388 4315E
Clinical Associate Professor
Steven Wright 608-890-3540 4318L
Clinical Assistant Professor
Robert Yablon 608-890-0218 9110
Assistant Professor
Jason Yackee 608-262-5230 7106
Professor of Law