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Boaventura de Sousa Santos 608-263-7414 bsantos@wisc.edu 6370
ILS Distinguished Scholar
Jonathan Scharrer 608-263-7905 jonathan.scharrer@wisc.edu 4318B
Clinical Instructor
David Schultz 608-262-6881 deschult@wisc.edu 6105
Professor of Law
David S. Schwartz 608-262-8150 dsschwartz@wisc.edu 9108
Foley & Lardner Bascom Professor of Law
Miriam Seifter 608-265-4771 miriam.seifter@wisc.edu 9111
Assistant Professor
Mitra Sharafi 608-265-8428 mitra.sharafi@wisc.edu 6112 - 2015-16 Office Hours: Tuesdays 3:30-5pm
Associate Professor of Law
Leslie Shear 608-262-2030 ldshear@wisc.edu 4318C
Clinical Associate Professor of Law; Director, Family Law Project
Mark Sidel 608-262-5608 mark.sidel@wisc.edu 6104
Doyle-Bascom Professor of Law
Anne Smith asmith32@wisc.edu 330 West Orchard Street
Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery
Clinical Assistant Professor of Law
Christopher Smithka smithka@wisc.edu
Clinical Instructor
Brad Snyder 608-262-1015 brad.snyder@wisc.edu 8105
Associate Professor of Law
Carrie Sperling 608-262-3646 carrie.sperling@wisc.edu 5211C
Associate Dean for Experiential Learning and Education Innovation; Interim Director, Frank J. Remington Center; Clinical Associate Professor of Law
Adam Stevenson 608-262-9233 adam.stevenson@wisc.edu 4353
Interim Deputy Director, Remington Center, Clinical Associate Professor
Kenneth Streit kmstreit@wisc.edu
Clinical Professor of Law Emeritus