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Ursula Weigold 608-262-8563 ursula.weigold@wisc.edu 4373B
Director of Legal Research and Writing; Clinical Associate Professor of Law
Alan J. Weisbard alan.weisbard@wisc.edu
Emeritus Professor of Law, Bioethics, Jewish Studies and Religious Studies
June Weisberger jmweisbe@wisc.edu
Professor of Law Emerita
Cheryl Rosen Weston 608-263-5087 crweston@wisc.edu 6103
Distinguished Lecturer
William Whitford 608-262-2443 bill.whitford@wisc.edu 8101
Professor of Law Emeritus
Greg Wiercioch 608-263-1388 gregory.wiercioch@wisc.edu 4315E
Clinical Associate Professor
Steven Wright 608-890-3540 shwright@wisc.edu 4318L
Clinical Assistant Professor