"Constitution-Building in Africa Post-1989"

October 15-16, 2005 Workshop at the University of Wisconsin Law School
Hosted by the Global Legal Studies Initiative

Left to right: Luka Biong Deng (Sudan National Constitutional Review Commission), Boa Santos (University of Coimbra), Said Arjomand (SUNY-Stony Brook), Chris Maina Peter (University of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania), Jill Cottrell (University of Hong Kong), Christina Murray (University of Cape Town), Richard Simeon (University of Toronto), Heinz Klug (Director of the Global Legal Studies Initiative), Yash Ghai (University of Hong Kong). Devra Moehler (Cornell University), Bereket Selassie (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill), Bill Whitford (University of Wisconsin), Vijaya Sripati (University of Alberta), Phil Knight (Freelance Legislative Counsel), Makau Mutua (SUNY at Buffalo), Charles Chavunduka (University of Wisconsin), and Jay Balasubramanian (Tufts University).

Crawford Young (Wisconsin) and Luke Biong Deng (Sudan)

Vijaya Sripati (Alberta) and Yash Ghai (Hong Kong)

Zozo Dyani (Witwatersrand, South Africa), Joseph Mugenga and a graduate student

Henry Onoria (Makerere, Uganda)

Guido Galli (International IDEA), Rodolfo Figueroa (Portales, Chile) and Aili Tripp (Wisconsin)

Bereket Selassie (North Carolina at Chapel Hill) and Yash Ghai (Hong Kong)

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