Background Papers for the Disputes and Development Workshop

These papers are listed according to the particpant's session. A "*" indicates a work currently in progress.

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Dispute Resolution and Political Development

Heinz Klug (University of Wisconsin-Madison)

Constituting Democracy: Law Globalism and South Africa's Political Reconstruction
Chapter 7: The Constitutional Court and the Institutional Dynamics of Constitutionalism
Chapter 8: Constitutional Imaginations and the Possibilities of Justice
Five Years On: How Relevant is the Constitution to the New South Africa?

Victoria Nourse

Toward a New Constitutional Anatomy

Tamir Moustafa (University of Wisconsin-Madison)

Law versus the State: The Judicialization of Politics in Egypt *

Dispute Resolution and Economic Development

Kathryn Hendley (University of Wisconsin-Madison)

Business Litigation in the Transition: A Portrait of Debt Collection in Russia
Enforcing Judgments in Russian Economic Courts
Reforming the Procedural Rules for Business Litigation in Russia: To What End? *

Neil Komesar (University of Wisconsin-Madison)

Law's Limits
Chapter 4: Zoning and Its Discontents
Chapter 5: Just Compensation
Chapter 6: High Stakes Players and Hidden Markets

Stewart Macaulay (University of Wisconsin-Madison)

Freedom From Contract: Solutions in Search of a Problem?
The Real and the Paper Deal: Empirical Pictures of Relationships, Complexity and the Urge for Transparent Simple Rules
Access to the Legal Systems of the Americas
The Impact of Contract Law on the Economy: Less Than Meets the Eye?
Contracts: Law in Action (by Stewart Macaulay, John Kidwell and William Whitford)
Chapter on Alternatives to Litigation

David M. Trubek (University of Wisconsin-Madison)

The "Rule of Law" in Development Assistance: Past, Present, and Future*
The Third Moment in Law and Development Theory and the Emergence of a New Critical Practice *

Case Studies of Courts in Context: India, China and Latin America

Marc Galanter (University of Wisconsin-Madison) & Jayanth K. Krishnan (Williams Mitchell College of Law)

'Bread for the Poor:' Access to Justice for the Needy in India
Debased Informalism: Lok Adalats and Legal Rights in Modern India

Luciana Gross Cunha (FGV Law School, Sao Paolo)

Notes on Access to Justice: Sao Paulo, Brazil

Jonas Grimheden (Lund University)

Assessing Judicial Independence in China

Joseph Thome (University of Wisconsin-Madison)

Heading South but Looking North: Globalization and Law Reform in Latin America
Thinking of Law and/in Latin America

Capacity Building for Dispute Resolution I

Linn Hammergren

Do Judicial Councils Further Judicial Reform? Lessons from Latin America

Gregory Shaffer (University of Wisconsin-Madison)

How Can WTO Technical Assistance and Capacity Building Best Serve Developing Countries *
The Challenges of WTO Law: Strategies for Developing Country Adaptation *

Capacity Building for Dispute Resolution II Evaluation of Judiciary

Reform and Other Dispute Resolution Projects

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