Disputes and Development Workshop

April 29 & 30, 2005

The event is designed to explore the role of courts and alternatives to courts in developing and transition countries, look at development assistance projects designed to improve their performance, and discuss how best to provide and evaluate such assistance. Experience from developed countries will also be brought into the discussion to help reflect on the roles being expected of these institutions in developing countries.

The goal of the workshop is to take account of recent developments in this field and assess prospects for future collaboration. To that end, we have brought together people whose work illustrates the broader perspectives we seek to foster. We have also paid attention to the existence of various formal and informal research networks that study these matters in the hope of fostering further collaboration. The Workshop will take place all day Friday and Saturday in the Lubar Commons on the 7th floor of the Law School, 975 Bascom Mall. For any questions concerning this event, or if you are a student and would be interested in attending this workshop, please contact Leah Larson-Rabin at lrabin@wisc.edu.

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