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Fall 2017

  • September 11, 2017: South Asia Legal Studies Working Group. At noon in Room 7205 by invitation. 
  • September 14, 2017: "Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act’s Evolving Genocide Exception to Immunity," Professor Vivian Curran, University of Pittsburgh School of Law. Hosted by Jason Yackee. Co-sponsored by ILS, GLS, EALSC, and the EU Center. 4:00pm 

An abstract is available here

  • September 14-16, 2017: Workshop on Climate Engineering: Conceptualizing Law, Governance, Science, and Human Rights. Details pending. Co-sponsored by HRP.
  • September 25, 2017: GLS Speaker Sara Hossain, Supreme Court of Bangladesh. Hosted by Cynthia Farid. 
  • October 2, 2017: South Asia Legal Studies Working Group. At Noon in Room 7205, by invitation. 
  • October 12, 2017: De-Globalization Series Speaker Boaventura de Sousa Santos, Professor at the School of Economics at the University of Coimbra, Distinguished Legal Scholar at the University of Wisconsin-Madison Law School, Hosted by Professor Alexandra Huneeus. (GLS) 

  • October 17, 2017: Mildred Fish Harnack Lecture by Farhana Khera. 4:00pm, Alumni Lounge, Pyle Center, other details pending. 

  • October 25, 2017: GLS Speaker Anup Surendranath. Hosted by Mitra Sharafi, co-sponsored by ILS. 
  • October 26, 2017: Eleventh annual South Asia Legal Studies workshop, details pending
  • November 16, 2017: De-Globalization Series Speaker Thierry Cruvellier, hosted by Alexandra Huneeus at 12:00pm. 
  • November 13-17, 2017: International Education week, details pending

Spring 2018

  • March 13, 2018: De-Globalization Series Speaker, Professor James Thuo Gathii, Loyola University Chicago School of Law. Hosted by Alexnadra Huneeus at 12:00pm . 

  • March 15, 2018: Lecture by Max Chester, Foley Law Firm at 4:00pm in Lubar. Co-Sponsored by CREECA

  • April 6-7, 2018: "Sustainable Development Goals and International Law: Intersections of Environmental Law, Human Rights and Environmental Justice," Wisconsin International Law Journal Annual Symposium. Details pending. (GLS)
  • April 14, 2018: Annual Soffa Lecture. 4:00pm, Pyle Center. Details pending. (GLS)

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