Quick Information for Current Graduate Law Students

LLM-LI Class Authorization Form: The course authorization form, for LL.M-LI students, may be filled out online, printed and submitted to the Graduate Programs Office for a faculty signature.

LLM/SJD Law Graduate Student Class Authorization Form: The Law Graduate Student Class Authorization Form is completed in part by you and in part by your advisor. Your part of the form may be filled in online and then print the form to take to your advisor. Please also take the Directed Research Recommended Schedule with you to your advisor meeting, to ensure you and your advisor are both clear about the deadlines and expectations for your research and writing.

Credit Overload Form: The Credit Overload Form is required by the Graduate Programs when an LL.M.-L.I. student takes more than 12 credits per semester. Please complete the form (you may fill it in online and print it out) and give to your advisor to sign. This form is not related to any forms required by International Student Services.

LLM and SJD students: Attend the Seminar bi-weekly. Keep in contact with your advisor.

All Graduate Programs Students:

We had our first "fire drill" in the fall.  You should now be aware of the fire signal at the Law School.  The signal for a fire (either a "drill" [practice] or a real fire) is a loud alarm noise.  Follow the directions given below -- "Emergency signals to leave the Law School."  Exit the building calmly and quickly.

Emergency signals to leave the Law School:  Whether you are in a classroom or elsewhere in the Law School, when there is an alarm signal, gather your belongings and leave the building using the exit closest to where you are. You will be informed when you can re-enter the building. Maps of emergency exits are posted around the Law School; please look at them so you are prepared.

Thefts at the Law School:  The Law School  including the Law Library, is an "open" building and thefts do occur from time to time, we're sorry to say.  Please take necessary precautions - do NOT leave your wallet, computer, or other valuables unattended.

Recycle!  Please note the various "bins" in the Law School for your trash, newspapers, soft drink bottles or cans, etc.  Please use the correct bin.  Also, if you see something in the wrong bin, please take a second and put it in the correct bin!

For reference, to all LLM-LI, LLM, and SJD students:

How to register:
For first time users,
1. Follow the demonstration (“demo”) at http://registrar.wisc.edu so you know how to register online.
2. At the registrar.wisc.edu website, select “Enrollment Demos” in the “Demos” section.
3. Choose, for example, “Add a class” to see how the online registration process is done.

To register:
1. After going through the demonstration, go to http://www.wisc.edu
2. Select the “My UW” link.
3. Click on “Activate my NewID” link (at the top of the page).
4. Follow the directions.
5. Then log onto the website.
6. Select “Visit the Student Center” link.
7. Under the “Academic” section, select “Course Enrollment.”
8. Select the appropriate term. For Fall 2016, select 1172.
9. Register for the course or courses THAT HAVE BEEN AUTHORIZED FOR YOU. LLM-LI students have been authorized for Law 601 and Law 602 and may register for these now; follow the information on your Authorization Forms. LLM students must meet with their advisors and submit a signed Authorization Form to the Graduate Programs office before registering.

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