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Graduate Programs Seminar

Attendance is required for all students in residence. A schedule will be emailed at the beginning of each semester. If you are interested in presenting, please contact

LLM & SJD Weekly Program Seminar Information

Important Date/Deadline Information Regarding LLM thesis or SJD dissertation submission

The deadlines to remember and honor is the one for the written evaluation from your advisor, second, and third reader. The deadlines for when these two evaluations must be received by the Graduate Programs office.

·         The deadline is April 15th for a May degree. Plan to finish your draft in early March.

·         The deadline is July 15th for an August degree. Plan to finish your draft in early June.

·         The deadline is November 15th for a December degree. Plan to finish your draft in early October.

If the 15th falls on a Saturday or Sunday, the deadline is the Monday after the 15th.

Inform both your advisor, second, and third reader about the deadline. Often advisors do not know the precise procedural steps or deadlines involved. It is not their responsibility to know about these deadlines; it is yours.

Given these deadlines, “work backwards” and allow your advisor, second, and third reader sufficient time for their reviews. Reading and commenting on a thesis takes time.

Try to give the finish draft of your thesis to your advisor at least eight weeks before the evaluation deadline stated above. During any semester, advisors may be absent because of vacation, conferences, or other activity. The student will contact the advisor in advance by email or in person and decide on a “timetable” so that the advisor has time to make comments and suggestions for revisions, as well as time for the second and third reader to review – all well before the evaluation deadline.

Guidelines to Formatting the LLM Thesis or SJD Dissertation

Procedure for Completing your LLM or SJD Degree

LLM & SJD Student Grant Funding

The Graduate Programs Committee oversees a limited amount of discretionary funds for small individual grants to graduate students. These funds are meant to support extraordinary research opportunities and activities that are not already available to you within the Law School, such as presenting a paper at a conference or undertaking research that cannot be done in Madison. The purpose for which funds are requested must be directly relevant to your research and supported by your advisor. Awards will be granted on a case-by-case basis, at the discretion of the Committee and its Chair. Please submit the Grant Funding Request Form via email or in-person to the Graduate Programs Office at least 8-weeks prior to needing funds.

When granted funding, refer to the UW - Madison travel policies to ensure that your trip plans adhere to all state and university requirements. This site will assist you in planning your business-related trips and provide you with up-to-date information on travel contracts, booking methods and recommended best practices.

LLM & SJD Student Grant Funding Request Form

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