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Spring 2018 Final Exams (4/19/2018)

  • Mac OS X.12 is currently supported.

Technical Support Bulletin: 

Some Mac users have had an issue where the exam software begins to run slower and slower through out their exam. Typically, the user notices this as typing lag where letters typed do not appear for a short time. This happens as a result of the document statistics running too frequently. The solution is to make sure that the document statistics check box is unchecked. The document statistics check box is located to the right side of the exam interface.

Exam4 software screen
Need a laptop?
  •  Click HERE to view a map of what libraries have laptops for check out if you need to borrow one. MAKE SURE AND EMAIL A COPY OF YOUR EXAM TO YOURSELF AFTERWARDS AS THESE COMPUTERS ARE WIPED WHEN YOU TURN THEM BACK IN!!


The exam software will allow Open Mode exams. The choice as to whether to use Open Mode is up to your professor. The professors will clearly state to you whether you should use Open Mode when taking your exam. (Even though the exam may be Open Book, the professor may choose to not allow Open Mode in the exam software.) If you have questions about open mode vs. closed mode and what you should use, please check with your professor.

Preparing for success

  1. Make sure the exam software will run as expected! After downloading, take a practice exam by following steps 2-4.When selecting the instructor/course in step 2, select practice exam from the course list drop down
  2. Become familiarized with Exam4 interface. Steps 3 below covers information on how to get the most out of the Exam4 software and step 4 covers exiting the exam software and the most important step -- SUBMITTING it!
  3. Although there are few exam software issues, testing your computer by doing a practice exam allows any problems to be identified, diagnosed and fixed -- don't run the risk of writing your exam in a bluebook!

Downloading and Testing

  1. Download the exam software »
  2. Running Exam4 Software »
  3. Info on options during the exam »
  4. Ending and Submitting »

Good luck on your exams!

FAQs and more... »

Please email help@law.wisc.edu or stop by Room 2115 if you have further questions or issues.

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