Wireless Printing for Windows (versions 7 and 10)

  1. Be sure you are connected to the LAW wifi.
  2. Open any explorer window and type \law-printserve.ad.wisc.edu in the address bar and hit enter.

    screen capture of printer menu

  3. Choose to login as a different user and provide your NetID credentials. Be sure to check the remember my credentials checkbox. Note: You MUST put AD\ before your username as shown in the picture.

  4. Double click the desired printer. It is typical for the installation to take several minutes, and it may pause at points appearing frozen, but with patience, usually succeeds.

    Note: Print jobs will print directly to the printer and do not need to be released at the release station. Jobs printed using this method will also come with a cover page with the users NetID printed on it.

    Clinic Printer Name
     Remington Center WiFiFJRC
     EJI WiFiEJI
     CPP WiFiCPP
     Lawyering Skills WiFiLS

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