Wireless Printing Setup Instructions for Mac OS X.4

Connecting to the lab printer only works from Mac OS X.2 or higher. These instructions are specific to Mac OS X.4.

NOTE: Separate instructions are provided elsewhere for Mac OS X.2 & X.3 and Windows XP.

  1. Go to your Applications window

  2. Double-click on the Utilities folder

    Screenshot of the Applications window with Utilities folder highlighted
  3. Double-click on Printer Setup Utility
  4. Screenshot of Utilities folder with Print Center highlighted

  5. Click once on Add. Your computer will pause while it builds a list of printer options.

    Screenshot of Print Center with Add circled

  6. While holding down the OPTION key, click the More Printers... button.
    Default printer dialog window image
    NOTE: If you do not hold down the OPTION key while clicking More Printers..., you will not have the Advanced options available, which you need to be able to follow the rest of the directions!
  7. Set the settings so they look exactly like the options below:

    Set the top drop down to Advanced
    Device: set to Internet Printing Protocal (http)
    Device Name: lab
    Device URI: http://printq.law.wisc.edu:631/printers/law_lab
    Set Printer model to HP, and then for the COMPUTER LAB select HP Laserjet 5M from the printer list -- others see the specific notes below.

    NOTE: The :631 is very important in the Device URL -- make sure you have the url exactly as above (or below in the image).

    NOTE: LAIP should use the url http://printq.law.wisc.edu:631/printers/law_laip and use the 5M driver as pictured below
    NOTE: EJI should use the url http://printq.law.wisc.edu:631/printers/law_2221 further a HP LaserJet 4 series driver should be used (most likely "HP LaserJet 4 series - Gimp-Print v5.0.0-beta2") NOT the 5M driver.
    NOTE: Lawyering Skills should use the url http://printq.law.wisc.edu:631/printers/law_ls  and use the 5M driver as pictured below

  8. Screenshot of settings in Printer List

  9. This printer will work anytime that you are connected on the Law School Network or from home (or elsewhere) by using the DoIT VPN service.

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